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  • Product name Tencel
  • Feature eco-friendly material from the wood, at a competitive price
  • Basis weight 25g, 28g, 30g, 40g
  • Product Name tencel cupra
  • Feature mixture of cupra and tencel extracted from linter of cotton.
  • Basis weight 30~40g, 53g
    (S pattern, large mesh)
  • Product name rayon
  • Feature non mixed, soft 100% rayon
  • Basis weight 45g
  • Product name Centella
  • Feature high moisture fabric with excellent moisture retention
  • Basis weight 45g
    (50%, 70%, 100% content available)
  • content available lyocell
  • Feature in low weight of 28g, can be used without pulp paper
  • Basis weight 28g, 24g
  • content available body temperature non-woven fabric (felt)
  • Feature non-woven fabric which responds to temperature, adheres to the skin.
  • Basis weight 50g
  • content available Bamboo charcoal
  • Feature releases negative ion of bamboo charcoal       and far-infrared radiation
  • Basis weight 50g


More history +


Changed CI of Venishoo.


In 2017, changed business name to
Venishoo co.,ltd.


Established from Haechun cosmetics.


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